• Know about
    your drinking !!
  • Are you going
    beyond control?
  • Think deeply-
    why do you dring
  • Excessive drinking
    will only worsen
    the situation
  • Recovery from the
    guilt is possible
  • We can suppourt you provided you
    Wish for a complete and total recovery
  • Occasssional drinking
    social drinking, confidential drinking
    not possible

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre

How to Stop Drinking and Start Recovery.

Would you like to assess about your alcohol use? Following are simple questions to assess about one’s alcohol use .If you wish to get assessed about your drinking habit, you are welcome to answer the following questions.
Do you like the ‘pleasure effect’ of alcohol
Do you drink regularly ( need not be daily / regular intervals / May be at weekends )
Do you drink excessively ( more than 2 pegs at a time )
Have you ever felt uncomfortable / guilty about drinking
Have you ever tried to stop drinking
Do you feel confident you can stop drinking without medical/external help?
If you have answered ‘yes’ for at least one question above, please go to next page to know about your alcohol use and facts related with the information provided by you .